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Sekator Enjoyable dose of brutality, A bit of thrash, death, crust, all mixed together with just the right mix of seasoning.

This band will definitely be going places. Favorite track: Acceptable Evil.
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released July 20, 2015

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Sam Allen at Electric City Studios June/July 2015

On this recording:
Drums - Ben
Guitar/Vocals - James
Guitar/Bass/Vocals - Shaun

Artwork by Mike Banting/Frozen Moon Tattoos
Layout by Blayke White/Asbestos Death Records
Logo by Febri Febriana/Biholocaust Design



all rights reserved


Unravel Perth, Australia

Death Metal influenced Hardcore Punk FFO:

Slayer, Carcass, Terrorizer, Discharge, Entombed, Celtic Frost, Integrity, Sepultura, Anti-Cimex, Venom, Carnage, Ringworm, Grave, Death, Cro-Mags, Massacre, Dismember, Unleashed, Mindsnare, Napalm Death, Amebix, Master, Rotten Sound, Bathory, Demigod, Bolt Thrower, Turmoil, Possessed, Chokehold, Autopsy, Merauder, Exhumed, Nasum, Entrails, Arkangel etc ... more

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Track Name: Credo
Intelligence slain,
Common sense inane,
Justify heinous crimes
In your higher being's name,
Organized religions are organized cults,
Forcing views equal horrifying results,

Renounce all your crusades and
Religious hostile behaviour,
End your own lives for the sake of your
Archaic embodiment of human failure.
Track Name: The Imposter
We're made in his image,
So he's the monster,
We're sacrificial lambs,
Before his altar,

Denounce his name,
As the impostor,
Exist as your own,
God to conquer,

Accept, and ascend?
Deny, be condemned?
Sheep 'til the end,
Proclaiming amen.

Accept, and ascend?
Deny, be condemned?
Slaves 'til the end,
Proclaiming amen.
Track Name: Man Eat Man
Scooping for reality,
Everyday reports more travesty,
And resorted savagery,
Those delved into insanity,

Man eat man world,
The fearful watch what unfurls,
We will all play our parts,
In the end we'll all be stars,

Self corrupt,
Human crux,
Self destruct,
Screened redux.
Track Name: Artificial Atrocities
Thirsts for intelligence,
Pushes limits for science,
Ignoring consequence,
And nature’s defiance,

Engineered to survive,
With no pain to hide,
Programmed and wired,
With the perfect mind,

We provide them life,
And we pay with ours,
They’ll rule us with a steel fist,
And man-made powers,

Artificial Atrocities,
Kill the flesh and blood enemies,

Man kind dominance replaced,
All hail the machine master race.
Track Name: Scorched
Poisoned wells,
Burnt out crops,
Toxic air,
Dead livestock,

We'll pay the price for their greed and their climb to the top,

Barren lands,
Ghost cities,
Lost cultures,
Extinct species,

A stalemate where everything on the planet ceases,

And the sound of nothingness will be so deafening,
On this empty world,

It's all going to hell because of them,
If we'll going to hell they'll come with us.
Track Name: Acceptable Evil
Slaughter, Received,
Human greed,

Life lost,
Traded for money,
Throat cut,
For you pigs to eat,

Taken their lives before they begin,
One more innocent being,
Thrown in the bin,

Close your eyes,
And you will be blind,
Or let the truth,
Open your mind,

Slaughter, Received,
For human greed.