Final Dawn 7"

by Unravel

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released June 13, 2016

Recorded by Alan Smith of Bergerk! Studios at The Hen House Rehearsal Studio
Mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Guest vocals on "Stepping Tombstones" by Jazmine Luders of Cursed Earth
Guest lead guitar on "Final Dawn" by Tom Murphy of Bounty Hunter
Cover Illustration by Daniel Sawblade Shaw
Design & Layout by Danny Taylor



all rights reserved


Unravel Perth, Australia

Death Metal influenced Hardcore Punk FFO:

Slayer, Carcass, Terrorizer, Discharge, Entombed, Celtic Frost, Integrity, Sepultura, Anti-Cimex, Venom, Carnage, Ringworm, Grave, Death, Cro-Mags, Massacre, Dismember, Unleashed, Mindsnare, Napalm Death, Amebix, Master, Rotten Sound, Bathory, Demigod, Bolt Thrower, Turmoil, Possessed, Chokehold, Autopsy, Merauder, Exhumed, Nasum, Entrails, Arkangel etc ... more

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Track Name: Stepping Tombstones
from the day we're born,
we live life as pawns,
to our deaths we're drawn,
for no one to mourn,
dying to live,
living to die,
graves await,
for us to lie,
no mark,
on history,
stepping tombstones,
pave the way with bones,
reap what they've sewn,
upon the unknown,
we'll die alone.
Track Name: Bestowed With Tyrannical Power
inherited reign,
peak of the food chain,
apex predator,
final executer,
no opposition,
you control the system,
moulding your vision,
by lethal submission,

foes will tremble, rivals cower,
now that you have been bestowed with
tyrannical power

you possess what no man should possess,
the views of others are violently oppressed,
they obey your laws and bow to every whim,
they regard you the holiest of seraphim,
never will this world view such a brutal regime,
and the most heinous crimes history has ever seen,
far past the point of reason or common sense,
you'll never have to answer any consequence.
Track Name: Homiciple
there's no heaven there is no god,
there is only humanity's flaws,
there is no hell there's no satan,
there is only mankind's hatred,

strap the bomb on,
drop the bag off,
hear the detonation,
steer the provocation,

no virgins wait,
no pearly gates,
you are just gone,
bystanders wronged,
all hypocrites,
slit your own wrists,
with the splinters,
from the pulpits,
in accordance,
with your god's stance,
psychotic trance,
cause discordance,

they won't think of you,
as the good martyrs,
they'll remember you,
as evil bastards,

feed no more lies,
spread no more fear,
or the sick morals,
you filth all adhere.
Track Name: The Night Caller
stealing cars is easy so he tries to run you down,
nothing has occurred like this before in this quiet town,
breaking into your unlocked house to try and take your life,
he'll strangle you, rape you or stab you with his knife,
you're asleep with the window open so he'll take aim,
fire his 22. rifle and put a bullet in your brain,

he despises you all.
Track Name: Vigilum Statu
monitor, devices, for retention,
in case of crisis,
media, manipulate, organ,
of the police state,
asylum seeker treatment secrecy
denied basic judiciary
suspicions, arrested,
incarcerate, indefInite,
citizens forbidden to discuss,
dire decisions,
security action disguise,
for malefaction,
international laws,
deemed irrational,
disregard liberties to quell terrorism
silence freedom, this country becomes a prison,
for every one.
Track Name: Nemesis
we both
clamber for the same thing,
for something we want,
i'm not the type,
you'd want to cross,
can you grasp this concept?
search for those signs?
you cant take away
what is now mine,

you're everything i'm not,
slowly die, quickly rot,

Track Name: Final Dawn
wars for land and resources,
Flesh for food, fuel from corpses,
sky turns black, seas run red,
we're the illness earth tries to reject
The human plague will kill its host,
by asphyxiated xeno-overdose,
praying will fail for all the devout,
whentheir skin melts and organs dry out,

man's, last, day, arrives,

underestimation has left us condemned,
proceeding towards our self-dooming end,

generations dead when they're born,
earth's time has come on its final dawn.